What You Can Do To Help The Efficacy of Dual Action Colon Cleanse

February 9, 2009 by ColonCleanse  
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Without a doubt, Dual Action colon Cleanse —as well as other colon cleansing supplements—can help you clean your colon and restore your digestive system to its proper order. By using dual action Colon Cleanse, you will have normal bowel movements, help you alleviate mood swings and lose weight, among others results. But you cannot just let the colon cleansing product do its work alone. This is your body, after all, and while the product should help eradicate the waste inside it, you need to make sure that you reduce the chances of your colon accumulating more waste in the future. Here are some things you can do in order to maintain the Health of your colon, as well as help the efficacy of the dual action Colon Cleanse product (or whatever similar product) you are taking.

  • Proper diet. Of course, the core of good Health is a good diet. This is why to prevent waste from accumulating in your colon, you need to reduce the waste you are putting inside your body. This means reduce the red meat you eat, reduce your alcohol intake, and increase your food intake of fibrous substances such as vegetables and fruits. whole wheat bread is also fibrous, so you can increase your intake of that as well. Certain supplements are also filled with fiber, and you can take those as long as they are natural. The Dual Action Colon Cleanse product does not require one to change the user’s diet, although it will definitely help.
  • Exercise. Besides proper diet, the other important step to maintaining good digestive system and health is exercise. Exercise also helps you release toxins and wastes from the body. Sweat, as you should know, is also a waste product, and it should be expelled from the body.
  • Probiotics and antioxidants. It would do your body wonders if you take antioxidants and probiotics. probiotics help promote good health in the digestive flora, while antioxidants reverse the oxidation process. Both are indirectly connected to the expulsion of waste products from the body. After all, the accumulated toxins in the colon would surely have a negative effect on the body. These negative effects can be countered by probiotics and antioxidants. It would also help if you take other supplements as well, such as vitamins and minerals. Other substances that promote in the expulsion of waste (like acai berry) may have other benefits as well.
  • Water. You should drink more than eight glasses of water a day. The benefits of water in detoxifying your body and cleansing your colons are numerous and extremely potent. Those who practice colon cleansing suggest that you should drink water every time you feel the effects of the toxins in your colon. These effects include stomachaches and headaches, among others.
  • Rest. Give your body time to recover, especially if you live a stressful life. This way, your body can maintain its normal function after a series of strenuous activities. Like everything else, the body has a breaking point.